2021-01-25 - Promote education in the community and your company

We sometimes confuse education with schooling and that is not what it is all about. There are other means of education that will help the community be more productive and self-sufficient. Perhaps the meaning of the word education has been narrowed in our modern culture to only encompass that which is imparted in a school setting, a setting that is not what some members of our community like or think productive or cannot thrive in.

In times past, education was a private affair reserved for the wealthy and powerful male population, the rest of the boys would learn a trade by being apprenticed to a tradesman, for example, a mason or a carpenter. Today we have the problems of malnutrition, poverty, and apathy, which deny a good founding for productive and fulfilling lives in our communities, even though the law says that all children must attend school through high school and provides for free education for all, it is far from being the truth in all settings of our country.

Promoting education should be something every adult should do, there is nothing better to enhance the prosperity of our communities and our businesses than a sound education. Unfortunately, not all people have been able to get good education, but it is not something that cannot be remedied.

Promoting education does not have to be hard or complicated, all that is required is that we get involved with our communities and that we start finding out what we need to improve. All people can learn, and fortunately, not all of us are inclined or attracted to the same field and kind of education. It takes all the inhabitants of a village to make it a village, and this will require many different talents and dispositions, and in general, you will find them all within your community.

Promoting education requires that we champion the cause of educating people in subjects that are needed by the people and the community. In some areas you will have to start with reading and writing and perhaps some basic math skills. If there is a part of the community that needs education in English as a second language get involved if not actively teaching or coaching, at least promoting it so that people are aware of the needs and the advantages of having a community where all can communicate and understand each other.

Within your company you should be advocating education to improve your staff, the results will be gratifyingly good. Your employees will know that you care about them and that their careers are important to you, furthermore, this will translate into a happier team and a more dedicated team that will respond positively to requests for help, additional time, and effort.

The software and facilities management company that I worked for ten years in my earlier years had a policy that all employees must attend at least one course a year. The courses were five-day affairs in Little Rock, which required a trip and being away from the daily demands of their jobs. I never had an employee that didn’t want to attend after my first year as manager in a large data center, they saw and heard my enthusiasm about attending the classes and learning.

The moral here is that you lead by example, when your employees see you enjoy learning and then asking them to participate in life-enriching classes they are ready to learn also.

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