2022-03-14 - Time Management - Productivity or Quality?

Updated: Mar 25

It may sound to some that managing time is a battle between being productive and that of producing quality work. Neither result is good overall for our company or for ourselves.

The best solution lies right in the middle, that is, a perfect balance between managing our time and producing quality work. Productivity may seem to be much higher when we invest less time in producing work, however, the quality of that work may not be what is required from us or from our company.

For example, it may take one minute to write a one-page document, the problem will be that after a little time, nobody, including myself will know what I wrote, it is the same with any activity that we undertake, and what we produce needs to be of good quality so that people will want to come back to us and order from us.

The other side of the coin is that spending more time than necessary will not return a much better and improved product, regardless of the additional time spent in producing the product, that equates to wasting time for greatly diminished results, it could even lead to disaster in that we will not be able to meet deadlines.

We must also remember to allocate some time to rest, we must remember that even machines that are designed to perform the same function thousands of times require down time to readjust and recalibrate, so it is with us. We need to readjust and recalibrate so we can be ready to continue.

With all this said and done, we realize that the ideal combination is when we balance productivity and quality to obtain the maximum benefits from each component.

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