Alliances for Community Improvement

Gus Orellana
October 20, 2020
Community growth
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Simply stated, an alliance is an agreement between two or more entities for a predetermined period of time and for a specific purpose. An alliance is very much the same and functions almost like a partnership, with the exception of the need to have a legal and binding agreement.

Not all alliances are good or for the good of people or communities, but the ones that are beneficial to our community are what this blog deals with.

Alliances can be as simple as agreeing to come together and help in an event that benefits the community, for example, a hot-dog cookout to raise funds for a nonprofit for children that need a place to be after school where they can get tutoring or help with their homework. All the parties or people that come together to form the alliance divide up the responsibility for obtaining the food, the venue and permits, and staff the event.

Other alliances can be more complex, usually these are for larger events or to fulfill specific needs in the community over longer periods of time. An example would be alliances that are formed by civic-minded individuals that come together to clean up an area of the city, like a park, or an old business district. These alliances are formed between a city or area government and private individuals or companies. One classical example of these types of alliances can be seen every day while driving, where a group of people or a specific company have volunteered to clean up the side of a highway or road.

Not as common, but also very possible, are alliances where two or more companies come together to assist with a town celebration to promote business in the community. One that comes to mind here is “Taste of Ardmore” where several companies, including some non-profits, come together to attract people to the downtown area where restaurants provide food, merchants offer their wares, and automobile enthusiasts have the opportunity to see a car show.

The ultimate goal of these alliances is to benefit the community at large, and they do come with an added benefit, and that is the knowledge that we are doing our part in making sure that we make the world a better place.

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