Balancing Personal and Professional Life

As working adults we really lead two very different lives, our personal life and our professional life. Unfortunately, these lives are very different and pull us in two different directions, and being who we are, we tend to favor one life over the other.

We don’t have to be workaholics to favor our professional life, we prioritize it over our personal life because we are human, and it is the life that provides for the personal life to be able to exist.

Our excuse is that we are being mature and responsible, and that is how it is supposed to be, who we were raised to be, it is the culmination of years of education and study, of hard work to get where we are, and we are not going to slow down lest we slip and fail. What we do not see is that by continuing on the path that we are going we are actually exhausting ourselves.

Life is like the balance that we see in many sculptures and paintings of justice, the only way the balance is going to be stable is when the load on both sides of the balance is the same, and as long as it remains balanced so is our health and our life.

This may seem like an impossibility in out current environment where we are constantly connected and anybody can contact us at any time. What we need to do is:

Set time limits. An overtired person is more likely to make mistakes.

  • Set boundaries. Personal and Professional life must be kept separate.

  • Keep a diary. Writing down times, feelings, and thoughts will help you to better allocate your efforts and energies.

  • Don’t allow your thoughts to wander from one life to the other, this will negate the benefits of concentration and mistakes will happen.

  • Plan for at least one continuous week off every year.

  • If you work and are still taking classes make sure that you dedicate the required time to each one and plan for time off from both to replenish your batteries.

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