Community Events that are Beneficial to your Business and your Community

Gus Orellana
October 20, 2020
Community growth
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Finding an event that is beneficial to our community and our business seems like a tall order, something that maybe will steer us away from attempting it, but if we really look around and pay attention to what is going on we can find several ways of hosting or co-hosting an event that will benefit our community and our business.

Some years ago, my wife and I were asked by our daughter to help with a back-to-school event in the park grounds and some of the surrounding churches areas that would benefit children and their schools in the upcoming school year. We were blown away by the number of people that were volunteering time and services, like haircuts, eye exams, dental exams, hearing exams, school supplies, to name a few. From all the services and supplies that were donated many of the children and low-income families were assisted to be prepared for a better year. Schools also benefited, as well as the teachers. With the reductions in funding and the cost of supplies going up many teachers are now forced to rely on parents to contribute with the supplies or they purchase them from their low salaries.

You might think that the businesses involved did not benefit from the event. Quite the contrary, all the businesses benefited in some degree, the best benefit they received was the recognition of the people involved in the event and by all the people that attended the event.

It is this type of event that will benefit both the recipient and the giver, not to mention the incredible benefit that we all receive, the knowledge that we participated and that we supported our community, which is what this is all about, supporting our community to become a better place for all to live in and attract new people to our community.

As an example, we are a for-profit that operates in Lawton, OK, and in the same community we have a non-profit that is dedicated to providing basic school supplies for children that can’t afford them. We need to setup an event where people can learn about the nonprofit and the supplies that are required for the next school year and how and where they can donate supplies. We also need to make sure that there are enough volunteers at the event to pass information, receive any donations that are provided that same day. We also need to have volunteers for when the supplies are distributed, and to direct people to other services offered for the children, for example, basic medical exams like hearing and vision, and haircuts.

Do we have the necessary skills and knowledge to setup and support the event? If not, is there another business that we can invite to partner with these events and take care of the organization?

The final step is to setup a committee that will coordinate advertising, event activities, and collection centers.

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