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Creating a positive culture in the workplace

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Although this may sound like a very tall order these days, it is not an impossible task, in fact, it is easier than most people might think.

We humans follow our leaders and behave in the same way that they do. Surprised? You should not be, it is a very human thing to do. We see our leaders as very important people that have accomplished what they want in life, or at least that is what we think. Sure, there are some rebels everywhere we look, fortunately, they are not the norm. A wise leader will attempt to bring those rebels into the fold, or make the hard decision to let them go so that the rest of the apples in the barrel do not spoil.

Being positive does not mean that we are flawless and put on a smile regardless of how things are really going. That kind of smile is overrated, it is a false smile most of the time, what it really means is that we have a positive attitude, one that shows that whatever went wrong is not going to bring us down and ruin our day, nor is it necessary to find a culprit, this is tantamount of failure and repercussions. What we need to find out is what went wrong and how we can fix it, and if at all possible, avoid what caused the problem. If we can’t pinpoint the cause, then we need to make sure that in the future we are ready to work around the issues and don’t fall into the same hole.

What all this boils down to is that we as leaders must set the tone and the example.

Here are some tips to help you create the ideal positive culture:

  1. Be thankful to the team that worked with you.

  2. Recognize individuals and teams that help you be successful.

  3. Celebrate every milestone, personal and company related.

  4. Follow the three golden rules of business: Document, document, document.

  5. Smile more than frown, however, make sure the smile is genuine.

  6. Listen to all the people involved in the project, they usually know more than we do.

  7. Help all those that need help.

  8. If the schedule and the workload permit it, allow some employees to leave early.

  9. Be aware, as much as possible, with what is going on with your employee’s lives.

  10. Set one day a month when all the actions that need to be recognized are celebrated.

  11. Always praise in public.

  12. Always correct in private, and then provide guidance and assistance.

Regardless of what your company offers, be it services or products, it is never the leader that makes the company and produces all the gains. Leaders lead, people are the company and the most valuable asset. Nurture them and you will be surprised by all the positive results.

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