Employee Loyalty, Fact or Fiction?

Gus Orellana
October 20, 2020
Business Growth
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In the past employee loyalty was a given, something that every employer came to expect and demand from their employees. In some cases it meant the difference between being employed or not.

The truth is quite different, loyalty is like respect, as an employer you cannot demand it, you have to earn it.

The last twenty-five years of my career I worked for one company, the one I called “MY COMPANY”, no, I did not own it, and no, I didn’t have a single share in the company. You see, the “MY” in that statement is not the ownership my, it is the belonging “MY”. I was part of the company, I belonged in the company and was a part of the company, and I defended it with all my strength.

As an employer, how can you earn the loyalty of your employees? First and foremost, you have to show loyalty and respect for your employees, that is the first step. When we realize that we are not the only game in town, and that our employees are our most valuable asset we can start making a difference in what our employees see in us and will give us their loyalty.

Some years ago, when I was the second in command of a group of companies, I was asked who was the most valuable employee of the company, some even suggested that I was that employee, I laughed and said that no, they were really far from the truth, I pointed to the lady that was in charge of keeping our offices clean, and said, she is one of the most valuable employees we have, every customer and client that walks in sees her work and gets the first impression. Then I pointed to the technicians and support personnel and told them they were also our most valuable employees since they were responsible for the customer loyalty and for a good service and product. Those two groups were the most important and valuable employees, then came the supervisors, then I came in last, I told them that all I did was make decisions based on the input that they gave me. From that moment on I saw a complete turnaround in the company, employees were happier, felt more at easy and felt they could approach me at any time. All I did was start a bond with them.

Why Should Corporations Care About Employee Loyalty?

1. Loyal Employees Push Productivity in the Workplace

2. The Customer’s Experience Will Make or Break the Corporation

3. Loyalty Improves the Corporation’s Image

4. Employee Loyalty Speeds up Production in a Short Time

5. Employee Loyalty Can Be a Part of the Corporation’s Growth Plan

6. More People Will Want to Work for the Company

What are the qualities of a loyal Employee?

1. Perseverance, Dedication and Leadership

2. Pride and Respect for the Corporation

3. Inquisitive and Ready to Learn

4. They Don’t Fall for Anything

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Gus Orellana

Gus started his adult career wanting to be a structural engineer, however, opportunities propelled him to the world of information technology. He began as a programmer for the IBM-402 tabulating machine, and also had a stint as a department manager for a high-end retail store in Mexico City. After emigrating to the United States in 1972 and a three-year job grinding and polishing lenses while learning English, he started working for a bank in Southern California as a programmer. He later progressed to other banks and positions in the information systems area, including systems programming business analyst and management. And since his ordination in 11-03-2017 a Permanent Deacon for the Catholic Archdioceses of Oklahoma City.