2022-01-24 - How to be Positive

Updated: Mar 12

Have you ever noticed how much harder we must work to get into and maintain a negative perspective? It is absolutely exhausting! And then there is the side effect of having a negative perspective, the negativity starts spreading until it envelops everything around us, from our smallest task and thought to everything we are involved with.

We, as people, are meant to be positive, to look for what makes us happy, which by definition is easy and positive and good. However, this requires some effort from us in looking for what is good and positive in everyone and everything around us. To return a smile instead of a snarl, to congratulate our neighbor for a victory instead of us feeling cheated because that good thing didn’t happen to us.

Once we realize that we are wasting our time on things that really do not affect us in the least and we start rejoicing with everyone around us and helping all that need help we find that we are happier and things all around us look positive. People like to be around positive people, this can and will generate new opportunities for us and will be able to see more opportunities.

Being positive is addictive, the more we do it the more we want to do it, and the easier it is to achieve. We, the human race, are made to be positive, to look for the good that surrounds us, to respect it and care for it, and preserve it and improve it for future generations. Which one of us, as parents, do not want our children to enjoy the things that we do? Which one of us does not want to preserve and enrich the resources so that our children and our children’s children for many generations to come can enjoy them?

Being negative leads to self-destruction. We are not meant to be self-destructive, we are meant to be nurturers, to care not only for us but for all around us. In other words, we are meant to live by the Golden Rule and to be nurturing.

Here are some tips to help us be and remain positive:

  • Allow your nurturing nature to shine through. Become an example for your family and your neighborhood.

  • Smile instead of frowning. Smiling is easy and natural, frowning is not natural and takes a lot of energy. Think about all the energy you save for things that are worthwhile!

  • Think about the future for our world and our people, be an example for your family and all those around you. We are in dire need of this, our world is being abused, not used, and if we don’t take care of it, who will?

  • Think about the things that made America the best country in the world, not what we are being told it is. We were the best because we were inclusive, not individualistic and separatist, we were compassionate, not hateful.

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