Investing in Our Community

Communities must change and adapt in order to survive. Just like we and our businesses need our commitment and help, so do our communities. Without this investment the community will wither and eventually cease to be a community.

Investing in our community is much more than contributing financially, the best contribution we can make is that of ourselves, yes, we do need to invest ourselves into our community, that is what communities need to become a thriving and vibrating community, one that attracts other people and businesses.

As a business or an individual we can invest in our community by:

  • Participating in community events.

  • Becoming a sponsor for a nonprofit that benefits the community.

  • Sponsoring someone to help them overcome hardships.

  • Participate on surveys from your local government.

  • Support local schools by becoming a sponsor to a student or a group of students.

  • Participate on local events that support our schools and children.

The results of our involvement are exponentially related to our efforts, that is, the more we do the more we have the ability to influence the results and create an environment conducive to growth and good will.

When you start thinking about volunteering or mentoring think about all the mentoring that we all received, not just from our relatives, but also from our teachers, schools, and churches. Think about the difference you can make in the world.

Be a beacon of hope and always follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

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