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Gus Orellana
October 20, 2020
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We need new ways to approach and engage our customers, we have changed, or dare we think that we have been changed by a pandemic and a seemingly continuous bickering, inflexibility, division, and un-truths coming from our political leaders?

Whichever the case may be, we need to reach out and engage our community if we want to survive as a viable business, one that can be seen as a pillar of integrity and a place where everyone can feel safe.

The more we think about things the more we realize that there is nothing new under the sun, perhaps instead of new ways we should review how we approach our community. The best way to do this is to go back and look at what makes us what we are and in doing this we realize that our community makeup is really a reflection of all of us that are part of the community.

The following list is a compilation of the basic values that made this country look, feel, and be what in the eyes of this writer were the qualities of the best and greatest country in the world.

1. Be honest. Honesty is the greatest tool we have in our possession. When people realize that you are honest they trust you.

2. Be truthful. Telling the truth might not always be easy, but it will always be easy to remember.

3. Be transparent. Being transparent generates trust from our community and our customers. Being transparent means that we never hide the truth, however hard it is,         from anybody.

4. Be considerate. Thinking of the needs and requirements of all the people in our community, especially those that need it the most, will make life simpler for all.

5. Be upfront. Always notify your customers as soon as you learn of a problem. It is much worse if you try to hide it.

6. Protect the vulnerable. Being vulnerable gives people a sense of desperation or anxiety, and it is greatly exasperated when we don’t do something to protect them         when it is in our power. This can be as simple as not forcing people to shake hands in times of contagion, wearing masks to help protect them from infections,         remember, that because we do not have any symptoms does not mean that we are not carrying the infection.

7. Assist your community. Even if it means sending your customer to the competition when you can’t fulfill their need. This will go a long way toward good will and it         will make the customer return to you. Knowing that someone has your best interests at heart makes you appreciate them and go back to them.

8. Support community events. This does not mean contribute money only, we all contribute from our own stores, and sometimes helping means doing something or         help work an event, for example, help cook the pancakes at a local pancake and sausage breakfast, or grill hamburgers at a fundraiser for a local charity. Your         contribution will be noted by all that attend, and they will remember it and patronize your business.

Looking at all these things we should realize that all major religions of the world embrace these principles, perhaps that is what we really need to do in the coming year, embrace these principles and practice them.

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Gus Orellana

Gus started his adult career wanting to be a structural engineer, however, opportunities propelled him to the world of information technology. He began as a programmer for the IBM-402 tabulating machine, and also had a stint as a department manager for a high-end retail store in Mexico City. After emigrating to the United States in 1972 and a three-year job grinding and polishing lenses while learning English, he started working for a bank in Southern California as a programmer. He later progressed to other banks and positions in the information systems area, including systems programming business analyst and management. And since his ordination in 11-03-2017 a Permanent Deacon for the Catholic Archdioceses of Oklahoma City.