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Gus Orellana
October 20, 2020
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You might think that this blog is about trying to see the future, after all, none of us have a working crystal ball or a viewing ability to see into the future. What this blog is all about is to provide us pointers and ideas on what we need to do to survive any curves that the “new normal” may throw at us and how to leverage our resources and knowledge to be prepared for the uncertainties of a post-pandemic future.

Positioning your business for the future is more than just a few plans and investments ideas or procedures. It is above all a mindset change that we need to undergo to survive in the unpredictable and uncharted waters of the future. While within the old framework that we know as “normal” all things in the future are really unpredictable. They had a sense of predictability in that if we did “A” we knew that it would trigger “B”. The pandemic has changed all that. We can no longer think that way nor depend on the old ways of communication or reaching out to our customers and friends. It was not that long ago that we thought online meetings and teleconferences were something very large corporations with a multi-state or multi-country presence did, this was not for the rest of us. At this stage of the game, we are getting used to “meet online” and make use of more sophisticated methods of communication, all in the name of safety.

The other change that we need to make to position our business for the future is a readiness to drop the old ways and adopt new ways and methods, and we need to be ready to do it fast. In this age we no longer have the luxury of planning a change of direction for months, we may consider ourselves very lucky if we have weeks or days to make the necessary changes. To put it in other words we must be very nimble in our thinking and willingness for change and develop a sense to be able to run with it and adapt to anything.

Part of the mentality change needs to be directed at the diversity of changes that we must undergo. While in the old times it was a good idea to grow your business to be more things to more customers it is not so in the present times. Consider the simple fact that everything has grown to be more complex, no one is capable of knowing everything about things in the business anymore. The way of the future is to first and foremost get to know your community and their needs, and even if you do not know how to provide for those needs the knowledge alone is invaluable. Second, get to know the businesses in your community and area of operations. Focus on how a partnership with a particular company will enhance the success of both businesses success and the wellbeing of your customers. Third, think about alliances to help your community that will promote your business to be in a more prominent position and become a preferred provider in your area.

About the Author

Gus Orellana

Gus started his adult career wanting to be a structural engineer, however, opportunities propelled him to the world of information technology. He began as a programmer for the IBM-402 tabulating machine, and also had a stint as a department manager for a high-end retail store in Mexico City. After emigrating to the United States in 1972 and a three-year job grinding and polishing lenses while learning English, he started working for a bank in Southern California as a programmer. He later progressed to other banks and positions in the information systems area, including systems programming business analyst and management. And since his ordination in 11-03-2017 a Permanent Deacon for the Catholic Archdioceses of Oklahoma City.