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Power of Mentors, Coaches and Support Systems

Mentors, coaches and support systems can have a massively positive impact on our lives- professionally and personally. Research clearly indicates that when we work with people who hold us accountable, teach us new skills, and who keep us motivated will ensure we meet our goals.

No matter where you are in your journey, having a mentor, coach, and active support system is key to your success. As I have stated in other blogs and videos, I think we cannot separate our personal and professional lives. Rather, we must strive to find a balance that works for us. My method is to schedule a month at a time, seeking balance in the month, not the day or week. This method has worked well for me for more than ten years.

For me, my personal and professional lives are intertwined. You may say that is because I own a business. I would argue it’s not, they have always been intertwined. From the very beginning of my career, I learned that I could not focus entirely on one, those days and times simply did not work. Rather, when I combine the two, I thrive.

With this mindset, I soon learned that in order for me to have mentors and coaches who truly impacted my life, I needed those who would help in all areas of my life. Working with professional coaches to learn better communication skills positively impacted my personal life. Setting off on a journey to define personal boundaries for myself only worked when I defined boundaries within my professional life as well. The interconnected nature of the roles we fill throughout a day clearly point to the need for a support system who can understand all sides.

As you set out to create a support system, I think it is vital you understand that not every person who starts this journey with you will finish the journey with you. Oftentimes, people come into our lives for a season. The lessons we learn, the love we experience, and the joy they bring to our lives for a season are things we will honor throughout our lives. Never forget what you learned, yet honor the season by letting them go.

When recruiting people to your support system look for the following types:

  • Someone who has achieved your professional goals and is willing to mentor you

  • Someone who is in a similar place professionally and is looking to grow

  • Someone you can mentor and inspire, someone who is at the beginning of their journey

  • A coach who will hold you accountable and help you learn to see things from different perspectives

  • Someone who will always cheer you on, motivating you through the rough times

  • Someone who has achieved your personal goals and is willing to mentor you

  • Someone who is in a similar place personally and is looking to grow

These specific people will ensure your success, teach you more than you thought possible, and help you achieve your goals. We humans were not created to walk our journey alone. Yet our family and friends are often not the people who can help guide us. Your support system are the people who invest in you, mentor you, coach you, and cheer you on. Make sure you have a healthy and diverse support system throughout every stage of your journey.

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