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Value of Mentors

This blog is a revised and updated version of a previously published blog.

Many people credit mentors with their success, some credit their professional success, others their ability to avoid making unhealthy decisions. The dictionary defines a mentor as a trusted advisor, someone you go to in times of crisis and need, someone you trust to guide you through your journey.

Before you look for a mentor, you need to determine what you want to work on. Mentors can help you master both hard and soft skills. Have these in mind as you search for a mentor, everyone has an area of specialization.

Mentors are essential to growth. No one knows everything. Rather the smartest people are those who are keenly aware of what they do not know. Self-growth is key to becoming a successful business person. But, every good adventure needs a willing adventurer with a trustee sidekick. Remember, X never marks the spot, you make things up as you go along, those who seek fortune and glory end up leading a lonely life, and always know and be ready to list what you believe in.

The journey to finding your self and true passion is not an easy one. You will need many guides, many sidekicks and a never-ending supply of tenacity and grit. When your back is against the wall, and you feel like there is no way out, remember there is a solution to every problem, and every solution leads us to a better place. Be positive, have a sidekick who has your back and is optimistic, and most importantly, never let anyone tell you the odds. If you believe it can be done, it can. And the best guide to start this journey with is your mentor.

So, what are you waiting for? Overcome your fear, search for your mentor, and begin your journey.

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