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About Us

3Raptor Consulting is a dynamic team of professionals, dedicated to improving their communities and helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Our Story

After years of frustration, and the inability to afford consulting services for the nonprofits she ran, Sara founded 3Raptor Consulting.


3Raptor Consulting offers small businesses, nonprofits and leaders with the highest-quality tools, resources, and tips you need to achieve your dreams.

We provide custom services for each client, ensuring your goals are achieved. Our team specializes in providing you with exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

3Raptor Consulting provides operational services and support to small businesses, nonprofits and leaders.


We know how to work within the constraints of small budgets to provide you with the tools you need to take your business to the next level.


3Raptor Consulting specializes in helping organizations streamline their budgets, build teams, and fill in where needed. We are the temporary staff needed to complete a project, write a proposal or grant, or help with social media and website content

3Raptor Consulting provides you with the TOOLS, RESOURCES, KNOWLEDGE, & SKILLS to achieve your goals.

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Sara Orellana, MS, MPH

Founder and Lead Consultant

Sara Orellana brings more than 15 years of leadership, writing, business management and coaching to 3Raptor Consulting. She has a Bachelor Degree in English from Rutgers University, a Master’s of Science in Social and Community Services from Capella University and a Masters of Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology from Kaplan University. She has also completed a nonprofit management certification course from the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. She is also a graduate of Standards for Excellence in Nonprofit Management.

Sara believes a good team is one which is built upon strengths and skills, utilizing exemplary communication skills. Sara has experience in public speaking, speech writing and negotiations. She is bilingual and has interpreted in many professional settings.

A Little Bit More about us

Utilizing a researched-based approach, we provide you with the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to achieve your goal. Using a variety of coaching techniques and consulting services designed to enhance your leadership skills, promote team building, and increase efficiency, we teach you the skills you need to expand your business. Watch your business produce maximum results through positive, goal-oriented steps custom designed to grow skills at every step of your journey.


Our Promise

3Raptor Consulting views each client as an individual. We customize services to meet your unique needs. We promise to deliver quality work, intentionally designed for your business and needs. ​


Our Values

We believe every organization, every person, has value and something positive to add to our community and world. Through in-depth conversations, guided reflections, and analysis these strengths are identified. We use this knowledge to create a custom guide for your business decisions.

We value honesty, integrity, transparency, growth, professionalism, learning, and kindness. We strive to show these values in every interaction we have, whether business or personal.

Choose to invest in your dream. Hire the experts who can successfully guide you through your journey.

We are committed to preserving our planet and its finite resources by reducing our carbon footprint. We will no longer provide printed resources or handouts. All resources and handouts, including materials for classes, will be available as a digital download.​

"Every year the need for nonprofit programs increases. Similarly the cost to host much-needed programming increases every year. I remember the years of stress. Trying to figure out how to cut one more corner, to have the money to expand programming by 10 more people. Combine this with the stress of increasing my donor base, keeping my board engaged, and the regular, daily challenges of running a nonprofit, and the challenges seemed too big. My heart was broken. I chose to work in nonprofits because I believe that every person has a purpose, every person has something amazing to give the world. But my beliefs wouldn't pay the bills. After years of working, and battling funding shortfalls, I reached my limit. Unable to continue on the path I choose, I embarked on a new journey. Today I spend my time investing in professionals, assisting nonprofits, and writing grants. Let us help you end the battle. Let us carry some of your stress. Hire us to write winning grants. Together, we can increase your revenue, grow your programs, and decrease your stress."

~ Sara Orellana

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